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The Console Wars

Emily & Matt are back and here to discuss the console wars. Which video game system is best? Matt has a clear horse in the race but he spends a lot of the time denying this. During this time they drink another Bigelow Botanicals cold infusion and Emily speaks her mind about this. The flavor is Cranberry Lime Honeysuckle but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out.

Pikmin & Shoes

Matt & Emily are back with a rooibos tea and friendship for this installment of TeaBD. Matt talks Pikmin and Emily talks shoes while also attempting to start a new segment—recommendation corner. Your favorite tea drinkers drink Steep by Bigalow’s Rooibos Hibiscus tea. Listen to find out if this is their cup of tea!

Celeste & Masks

After last week’s brief trip into the multiverse, your hosts Matt & Emily are back to drinking tea and talking undetermined topics! This week, they’re drinking Steep (by Bigelow)’s organic English Breakfast tea and Matt’s mini-topic is the indie videogame Celeste, while Emily’s mini-topic are the all-important masks that hopefully everyone out there is wearing while in public!

Already Bean Decided: Metroid & Medieval Queens

Already Bean Decided is BACK with another episode from these two coffee drinkers. Matt and Emily, like always, have decided each other’s topics and they share their research while exploring some of the ways to drink coffee! Matt’s topic is medieval queens and he shares about Empress Matilda and her escapades. Emily shares about her beloved videogame series, Metroid, and does a GREAT job reporting what she learned during her 10 minutes of research! Listen to this episode to learn more about coffee!


TeaBD is back, live from their favorite place to socially distance, Central Park! Matt’s topic is nominally Splatoon but really Emily forces him to talk about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. During this delightful conversation, Matt and Emily drink Dollar Tea Club’s Swedish Mint green tea, but, spoiler alert, its iced!!! Should Emily play Splatoon? Was the iced tea Matt’s cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Videogame Streaming & Jigsaw Puzzles

TeaBD is back and while the topics are videogame streaming and jigsaw puzzles, so much more is discussed. The definition of a ziploc bag? Discussed. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Check. Even Animal Crossing? Absolutely. Matt & Emily drink the same tea this week too! They are drinking Plum Deluxe’s Huckleberry Happiness. Spoiler Alert, it is their cup of tea. You can enjoy the tea by using the VIP code TeaBD at for 10% off.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Matt & Emily are talking topics AGAIN! Matt brings the topic of Animal Crossing (New Horizons) to the podcast table. Matt has spent the majority of quarantine establishing his island while Emily plays occasionally. However, she discussed her favorite villager, Bill the jock! During this conversation, Emily drinks Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Cherry Blossom green tea while Matt drinks Twinings Irish Breakfast. Listen to find out if these were their cups of tea!

Total Annihilation

A new episode means a new topic on this week’s episode of TeaBD. Matt is talking Total Annihilation, a videogame from his youth that he recently rediscovered. He talks about this game and Emily tries to make sense of it without any background information. Emily drinks Christmas Chai Black Tea from her Twelve Days of Tea box. Matt tries out the last of the teas, Just Beet It, from the fall faves box by DAVIDsTEA. Listen to find out if these teas are their cups of tea!

Jackbox Games

On this week’s episode Matt & Emily talk Jackbox Games. Matt brings this topic to the podcast after his Zoom birthday celebration, an event that Emily participated in! Emily drinks her favorite tea of the quarantine, Bigalow’s Lemon Lift. Matt drinks another T2 tea. This time he drinks Sencha Mango Green tea. Listen to find out if these teas are their cups of tea!

Baby Yoda & Super Mario Bros.

Matt & Emily are alone this week but that’s okay because they still have tea and topics. Emily has the mini topic this week and she talks about the one thing she truly loves in this world, Baby Yoda and why little The Child is so cute. Matt’s topic this week is the video game series, Super Mario Bros. He talks about the history of Super Mario Brothers and his own personal journey through the series. During this conversation, Matt & Emily drink Teaposy’s Harmony Blooming tea, one of the most exciting teas they have had on the podcast. This white tea blooms and reveals beautiful flowers but was it their cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out.