I Think You Should Leave & Pac-Man

Matt & Emily are talking Pac-Man and the show “I Think You Should Leave”. Please don’t leave though! They want you to stay! During the talking, they are drinking tea, as always. Matt sips a Trader Joe’s chai latte while Emily enjoys a green tea called Snow Monkey.

Blockbuster Video with Ben Tomassetti

Matt and Emily have one friend, and one friend only, this week. Ben Tomasetti joins your delightful hosts to talk Blockbuster Video. He shares about his experiences working at this now defunct store while Matt and Emily reminisce about the Blockbuster of their youths. Your friends are drinking a variety of tea this week, including one in a can!

Star Baker & Youth Sports

Your two favorite first-place people are talking topics and tea while being amazing! Matt shares his feelings about and journey though youth sports while Emily recounts her winning of star baker recently. These two drink two different versions of chai. Matt has hot white chocolate tea with chai spices. Emily has High Climber’s Chai from The Tea Spot. Listen to also be a first-place person!

Twin Peaks with Laura Miner

Matt and Emily are back with returning champion Laura Miner. They talk Twin Peaks, revisit some old topics and have a grand old time while, of course, enjoying three delicious cups of tea. Listen to find out more!!

Crosswalks & Facebook Videos

Matt and Emily are alone but have tea and topics! Matt shares his feelings about crosswalks while Emily lets everyone in on one of her great passions, Facebook videos. Matt is drinking Cuples Black Sunshine tea and Emily partakes in Pinky Up’s Island Fire black tea. These names indicate the coming summer but do they make your favorite hosts happy? Listen to find out.

Cups and Mugs & Mario Kart

Matt and Emily are back in action this week with shared tea and two topics. Matt talks about Mario Kart while Emily discusses cups and mugs. During this conversation, Matt and Emily drink Steep by Bigelow’s Chamomile Citrus tea. They got this tea from the Bigelow 5k but should you run to the store to buy this tea? Listen to find out!

Curse of Strahd with Shannon Kelly

This week on TeaBD, Matt is hosting it solo! Don’t worry, he brought along a friend to be the guest this week, returning champion, Shannon Kelly! Shannon’s topic of the week is the Dungeon’s & Dragons module—Curse of Strahd! Shannon is also drinking Twinings’ Irish breakfast tea and Matt is enjoying Cuples’ Elderberry Elixir tea.

New Girl

Matt and Emily are sent by the angels to discuss tea and topics this week. They drink two teas by the Dollar Tea Club, both with absolutely iconic copy. While drinking the teas, Emily and Matt discuss the television show New Girl. This is one of Emily’s favorite shows and she shares all about what makes it so great! Listen to this episode and learn why the triangle is such a great shape!

Going Through Old Paperwork, Bookmarks, & Socks

Matt and Emily are talking three topics but it’s just the two of them! Matt share stories for going through old paper work and finding some hidden gems. In a wild twist, Emily brings TWO, count ’em, TWO topics. She shows off and brags about her new Taylor Swift bookmarks and then talks about her favorite article of clothing, socks! Your intrepid hosts drink Churchill’s White Sweet Pear tea. Listen to learn more!