Bar Arcades & Airports

Matt & Emily are alone this week but still talking tea and topics. Matt’s topic this week is bar arcades. Matt talks about why he enjoys these bars and the best games to play. Emily talks about the best places in the world, airports. Emily shares her go to spots in airports and her experiences with being delayed. She spends a lot of time discussing Hudson News and the annoyance of dragging a bag all around these book stores. For this discussion, they are drinking Spice Professor’s Ginger Lemon Thai Rooibos Tea. This tea from Emily’s apartment has huge chunks of lemon but it is Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.


It’s Thanksgiving and Matt & Emily are thankful for tea and friendship. They are especially thankful for their guest, Alex Simmons. Matt, Emily & Alex have the most deranged tea talk yet while they drink Gourmet Blend Chai Spiced Chocolate. This tea was purchased at TJ Maxx and was meant to make a chai latte but the results were … complicated. The topic this week is Thanksgiving! Matt, Emily & Alex share about their Thanksgiving traditions and favorite foods. Listen to find out if Thanksgiving is their cup of tea. Hint: it is!

The Ernest Movies with Jacob Williams

Matt & Emily are with their friend Jacob Williams this week. Jacob’s topic this week is the Ernest movies! These movies were a favorite of young Jacob and he and Matt introduce them to Emily. They discuss why Jacob enjoyed these movies and how they seem very dated now. During this conversation, they drink their fanciest tea to date, Tiffany Tea No.727 Black Tea and Floral Blend. Yes, that is Tiffany, as in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it is the most expensive tea that has appeared in the podcast! Does that mean it’s their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Emily’s Phone & Going to the Movies

Matt & Emily are alone on this week’s episode of TeaBD and they are talking about things they LOVE. Emily loves her phone and talks extensively about her relationship to her phone. She doesn’t like to be more than five feet away from her phone at any moment. Matt loves going to the movies and he shares what he enjoys about this experience. He also talks about how people should act during the movie watching experience. During this conversation, they drink Zest Wishes, an oolong tea from DAVIDsTEA. Was this holiday themed tea their cup of tea? Listen to hear the answer

Car Accidents with Andrew Barlow

This week on TeaBD, Matt & Emily are talking with their friend Andrew Barlow about tea and topics. Andrew’s topic this week is car accidents. Andrew recounts the stories of car accidents he has been in and talks about why his friends don’t let him drive anymore. Matt & Emily share there stories as well and everyone shares what they have learned about driving from these experiences. During this conversation, Matt, Emily & Andrew drink TWG’s Silver Moon green tea. As always, they discuss the tea and answer the most important question, “Is this your cup of tea?” Listen to find out the answer to this important question.

The New York Times Crossword with Chloe Effron

On this week’s episode, Matt and Emily are talking with their friend Chloe Effron. Chloe’s topic is the New York Times Crossword. She tells us about why she loves this crossword puzzle specifically and teaches Matt & Emily about the language of the NYT crossword. Emily is astounded by all this information and everyone learns about why Thursday is so cool in crossword world. During the conversation, they drink Lebrang Tea Traders Cascade Meadow. This tea looked like a meadow but was it their cup of tea? Find out by listening to this episode!

Pumpkin Beers & Friends Who Visit

Matt & Emily are back and they are drinking Whittard’s English Rose Black Tea. This floral tea smells like roses and tastes like roses, which is surprising. Matt’s topic is pumpkin beers and why people love them. He has mixed feelings about them. Matt has some pumpkin beers that he really likes and others that he thinks are only okay. He talks about why this is and Emily share a little bit about pumpkin cider, which is not as good as she wished it was. Emily’s big topic is friends who visit. Emily recently had a friend stay with her for a whole week. She talks about the activities she takes her friends to and how friends make her do things that she doesn’t normally do.

Nosy Coworkers with Courtney Lynne

On TeaBD this week, Matt & Emily have improviser and friend, Courtney Lynne, on to chat! They’re drinking London Tea Company’s Peach and Rhubarb tea, a controversial tea as it contains neither peach nor rhubarb! After being lied to by tea, Courtney talks about her topic, nosy coworkers. Courtney shares about her experiences with past coworkers and how she navigates these situations. Are nosy coworkers your cup of tea? Probably not but listen to find out for sure!

Back to the Future with Eddie Dougrou

This week on TeaBD, Matt & Emily have comedian and improviser Eddie Dougrou on the podcast to talk about tea and his TBD topic. That topic turns out to be the Back to the Future film trilogy. Eddie talks about why he enjoys these movies and the comfort he gets from watching them. Emily and Eddie talk about the intricacies of time travel and Matt shares a story about improv and hoverboards. During the conversation, Matt, Emily, and Eddie drink an Apple Cider fruit infusion by DavidsTea. This autumn-y tea is actually from the winter collection but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out.

Waking Up Early & Arena Shows

Matt & Emily don’t have any friends this week but they still have tea. Emily has the mini-topic this week and she talks about one of her least favorite things, waking up early. She has had to wake up early a lot recently and she is unhappy about it. Matt’s big topic is also something he doesn’t love, arena shows. He talks about the good arena shows he has seen and why they worked. Emily, not shockingly, talks about Taylor Swift and Lorde. During this conversation, they drink Bigelow Tea’s Jasmine Green tea. Jasmine is one of Matt’s go to green teas but is it Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out!