Walt Disney World with Ryan Staples

Matt and Emily are back with Ryan Staples! Ryan talk about Walt Disney World, the happiest place on earth. Emily recounts her memories from being seven and Matt talks about being a grown up at the park. They also all drink tea! Three guests means we got three teas! Listen to find out what teas got the coveted Cup of Tea rating!

Giving Presents & Thursday

Matt & Emily are at the microphones for another ep! This time these two crazy kids are talking about giving presents and the band Thursday. Emily loves to wrap presents and Matt loves music. During the chat, your hosts drink AraMINTa Ross Spearmint Orange Spice by the TeaBook. Listen to find out if it was their cup of tea!!

Snow & Christmas Cards

MATT and EMILY are back with two mini topics. How fun! Matt talks snow and Emily discusses Christmas Cards. During this festive conversation, your favorite cohosts drink Steep by Bigelow’s Earl Grey tea. Listen to find out if this episode is your cup of tea!

Folklore with Julia Schroeder

Matt and Emily are back with a friend, Julia Schroeder! These crazy kids discuss Folklore, Taylor Swift’s ICONIC eighth studio album. Swifties, this was a recorded in a pre-Evermore world! During this conversation, Matt, Emily and Julia discuss their individual teas and decide if these teas are their cups of tea. Julia had Pin Bo Jade Tea by Butcher’s Best, while Emily drank Pumpkin Patch black tea from the Dollar Tea Club. Matt made himself an Oregon Chai salted caramel chai latte!

Condiments and Dipping Sauces with Corey Lewin

Big news: Matt & Emily aren’t alone this week! Yes—that’s right—for the first time since March, they have a guest! This week on the podcast is musician, Corey Lewin, and his topic is condiments and dipping sauces. What are some good ones? What are some bad ones? Be prepared for some hot takes. They’ve also all got their own teas: Emily is drinking Fortnum and Mason’s chai tea, Matt has Tumblewood Teas’ Boulder River Currant, and Corey is drinking The Tea Spot’s peppermint tea.

The Console Wars

Emily & Matt are back and here to discuss the console wars. Which video game system is best? Matt has a clear horse in the race but he spends a lot of the time denying this. During this time they drink another Bigelow Botanicals cold infusion and Emily speaks her mind about this. The flavor is Cranberry Lime Honeysuckle but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out.

Lazy Nights

Matt and Emily are back, listeners of TeaBD! Emily talks about the topic of lazy nights in the sole purpose of telling Matt about her Friday night. She puréed a pumpkin!!! Your favorite hosts drink a cold water infusion from Bigelow Botanicals. Was this Blueberry Citrus Basil their cup of infusion? Listen to find out!

Samples & States by Population Density

Matt & Emily are back on the podcast, talking two new mini-topics! Emily is talking samples, mostly the free kind. Do they get you interested in buying a product? They get Emily into them. Matt’s topic is are the US states by population density. It’s an interesting discussion. They’re also drinking a couple of mouthfuls for tea, Matt has Tumblewood Tea’s Rooibos Lemon Beehive Honeybush tea and Emily is drinking Big Easy Sweet Green Tea with Lemongrass Pineapple and Barley. Are they their cups of tea? Listen to find out.

Pikmin & Shoes

Matt & Emily are back with a rooibos tea and friendship for this installment of TeaBD. Matt talks Pikmin and Emily talks shoes while also attempting to start a new segment—recommendation corner. Your favorite tea drinkers drink Steep by Bigalow’s Rooibos Hibiscus tea. Listen to find out if this is their cup of tea!

Ice Cream & Halloween Candy

This week on the podcast, Matt & Emily are talking all about treats! First they’re drinking the ultimate treat, tea: Matt is drinking the London Tea Company’s Zingy Lemon and Ginger while Emily has the Dollar Tea Club’s Ginger Peach. Then it’s time for mini-topics, Emily’s is the delightful summer “slash” anytime treat, ice cream and Matt is talking about Halloween candy. They each make Top Five lists for both topics!