Lego Star Wars & The Good Place

It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they are drinking Willamette Sunset tea by Labrang Tea Traders. Matt’s mini-topic is something he’s collected a lot of, Lego Star Wars, while Emily’s main-topic for the week is her favorite TV show, The Good Place!

Type 1 Diabetes with Sarah Tackett

Matt & Emily welcome comedian Sarah Tackett to the podcast and they are drinking peanut butter cup tea by DAVIDsTEA! Sarah’s topic is Type 1 Diabetes—a condition she speaks about from first-hand experience.

New York Deli Sandwiches with Jason Howard

Matt & Emily welcome comedian Jason Howard to the podcast where they drink Argo Tea’s first flush Darjeeling to! This week’s topic, from Jason, is New York Deli Sandwiches!

Candles & The Dark Knight

It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they are drinking seaberry spa tea by DAVIDsTEA! In this first-of-its-format episode, they’re tackling two topics all by themselves. First up is Emily’s mini-topic: candles—fresh off of when you probably gave or received one for the holidays. Then, Matt’s big topic is one of his all-time favorite movies: The Dark Knight (be prepared for him to geek out).

The Endings of Stories and How Do You Know When to End A Story with Megan Moore

Matt & Emily welcome comedian Megan Moore to the podcast where they drink Megan’s Meditative Mind tea from The Tea Spot in Boulder, Colorado! This week’s topic is a mouthful: The Endings of Stories and How Do You Know When to End A Story! We cover dramas and comedies, TV shows and movies, sketches and not-sketches, as well as how to end this very episode!

The Real Housewives with Rachel Chada

Matt & Emily welcome comedian Rachel Chada to the podcast where they drink Saga of Sweden’s Himmel & Pannkaka tea! This week’s topic is the reality TV show, The Real Housewives (and its many incarnations: Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, etc)!


It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they’re drinking Saga of Sweden’s Vilda Hjärtan tea. This week, they’re letting in the holiday cheer by talking about Christmas (except when they both start complaining about Christmas music)!

Daredevil (TV show) & Women in Improv with Shannon Krowicki

Matt & Emily welcome improvisor and actor Shannon Krowicki to the podcast where they drink Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA! Matt’s mini-topic is the recently cancelled, Netflix exclusive, superhero television show Daredevil! Shannon’s main-topic is an honest discussion about women in the improv community, including what it means to be a woman doing improv, how people precieve women performing comedy, and ultimately opening up to how gender is used in improv comedy!

Becoming Better & Board Games with Connor Dunlap

Matt & Emily welcome Connor Dunlap to the podcast and they are drinking Tante T’s Earl Grey Blue Lady tea! Emily is talking about how to become better (notably, not “self-improvement”) and Connor’s topic is board games (and you can listen to him throw shade at chess)!

Hot Toddy Fall Spectacular

It’s the Hot Toddy Fall Spectacular! In the second ever special episode of TeaBD, Matt & Emily have three guests: Alex Simmons, Kim Tyner, and Laura Miner! In a fall-themed change of pace, they are drinking hot toddy’s—hot water, whiskey, lemon, honey, cinnamon, and cloves—in lieu of tea. The theme of the episode is the season of the hour, fall! What makes fall great? What makes fall bad? How does fall stack up against the other seasons? These questions (and more) are answered.