Getting Hoodwinked with Kerrod Williams

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and he is comedian and writer Kerrod Williams. Kerrod tells the story of the time he got hoodwinked over the video game WildStar. He was so excited to get this game early that he let himself get duped! During this conversation, Matt, Emily & Kerrod drink T2’s Melbourne Breakfast Tea. Kerrod and T2 are both from Australia so this tea felt appropriate. They discuss how Australian this tea actually is but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Taking Notes & New Year’s Resolutions

Matt & Emily are alone this week and happy to be podcasting! Matt’s mini topic is taking notes. He talks about why he likes taking notes and encourages people to do so! Matt & Emily also look at each other’s notebooks and judge each other’s handwriting. Emily’s big topic for the first Matt & Emily alone episode of the New Year is New Year’s Resolutions. Emily shares her resolutions and Matt talks about some resolutions he has made throughout the year. During this conversation, Matt & Emily start a revolution and Drink Hyson Green tea, the tea that was thrown into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. This tea might have set up American independence but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Taking the First Step with Rich Inman

On this week’s episode, Matt & Emily talk to Rich Inman. Rich’s topic is taking the first step and focuses on taking that first step into a thing you want to do but are too nervous to do, be it in comedy or just in life. They discuss their first steps into sketch and improv. During this conversation, Matt, Emily, and Rich drink T2’s Gingernut Chai tea. This tea advises its drinker to use milk and honey, so they did, but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Cooking Shows with Nick Pappas

Matt & Emily are back this week with guest Nick Pappas. Nick’s topic for the episode is cooking shows. He was inspired by these shows, especially The Great British Bake Off, to start baking himself! He talks about why he enjoys baking and gives out some excellent tips! Emily shares her love of the television show Chopped and Matt decides to start watching Nailed It! During their discussion, Matt, Emily & Nick drink Lipton’s green tea. Was this simple tea their cup of tea? Download now to find out.

Baking Cookies & Sketch Comedy

Matt & Emily are alone this week and talking tea and topics. Emily’s mini topic this week is Baking Cookies. Emily doesn’t do this as often as she would like but she does love to bake and, more importantly, loves to get compliments on her baking. Matt’s big topic is sketch comedy. He talks about getting into sketch comedy and his writing process. The tea this week is Fava Tea Company’s Cinnamon Plum herbal tea. Was this Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.

Role-Playing with Matt McCormick

Matt & Emily are joined on this week’s episode by guest Matt McCormick. Matt’s topic is role-playing. He talks about playing a role in improv, in games, and in acting. He has been really interested in this concept recently and in how you can be yourself while playing a character. Matt, Matt & Emily drink a white tea called The White Wolf, a tea made by Bellocq Tea Atelier and is meant to evoke the western frontier. While the tea doesn’t quite live up to this description, is it still their cup of tea? Hit play to find out!

Ludwig Wittgenstein with Matt Abedi

Matt & Emily learn a lot on this week’s episode. Their guest is another Matt, Matt Abedi. His topic is his favorite philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein! Matt talks about Wittgenstein’s theories and why he enjoys his philosophical ideas. During this conversation, Matt, Matt and Emily enjoy a cup of Blueberry Muffin, a fruit infusion from DAVIDsTEA. This tea is very sweet but is it their cup of tea?

Bar Arcades & Airports

Matt & Emily are alone this week but still talking tea and topics. Matt’s topic this week is bar arcades. Matt talks about why he enjoys these bars and the best games to play. Emily talks about the best places in the world, airports. Emily shares her go to spots in airports and her experiences with being delayed. She spends a lot of time discussing Hudson News and the annoyance of dragging a bag all around these book stores. For this discussion, they are drinking Spice Professor’s Ginger Lemon Thai Rooibos Tea. This tea from Emily’s apartment has huge chunks of lemon but it is Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.


It’s Thanksgiving and Matt & Emily are thankful for tea and friendship. They are especially thankful for their guest, Alex Simmons. Matt, Emily & Alex have the most deranged tea talk yet while they drink Gourmet Blend Chai Spiced Chocolate. This tea was purchased at TJ Maxx and was meant to make a chai latte but the results were … complicated. The topic this week is Thanksgiving! Matt, Emily & Alex share about their Thanksgiving traditions and favorite foods. Listen to find out if Thanksgiving is their cup of tea. Hint: it is!

The Ernest Movies with Jacob Williams

Matt & Emily are with their friend Jacob Williams this week. Jacob’s topic this week is the Ernest movies! These movies were a favorite of young Jacob and he and Matt introduce them to Emily. They discuss why Jacob enjoyed these movies and how they seem very dated now. During this conversation, they drink their fanciest tea to date, Tiffany Tea No.727 Black Tea and Floral Blend. Yes, that is Tiffany, as in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it is the most expensive tea that has appeared in the podcast! Does that mean it’s their cup of tea? Listen to find out!