Matt & Emily are back in action this week talking procrastination, a thing they did not do for this episode! Matt talks about how he procrastinates and vows to finally finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Emily admits to procrastinating all the time. During the conversation, they drink tea! Matt didn’t procrastinate on using a brand new tea and drank T2’s Sydney Breakfast Tea. Emily drank Lipton Tea’s Orange Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea. Listen RIGHT NOW to find out if these teas are their cups of tea!

Snacks and Snacking

This week, Matt & Emily are determined to be chipper! To do this, they are talking snacks and snacking. Have you ever thought, “What is a snack?” Well this episode has the answer. During the conversation Matt drinks Adagio’s Thai tea. Spoiler alert, he loved this tea. Emily drinks Made of Tea’s Black Gunpowder tea. No spoilers on this one though, you will have to listen to find out if it was her cup of tea!

Captain America

TeaBD is continuing to social distance and talk topics. Matt & Emily talk about Captain America. They talk about the character, Chris Evans and Matt’s love of the first Avenger. Emily drinks Chico Chai’s Original Chai. She simmered this tea for 15 minutes and it was worth it! Matt drank DAVIDsTEA’s Cardamom Macchiato white tea. Is remote recording Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.

Grocery Shopping

Matt & Emily are social distancing and talking grocery shopping. Emily hates grocery shopping and Matt loves Trader Joe’s. They talk pro and cons of grocery shopping and grocery staples. They also drink tea! Emily drinks Plum Deluxe’s Apple Cinnamon Warmth and Matt drinks Teavana’s Peach Tranquility. Listen to find out if these teas were their cup of tea? To get your own Plum Deluxe Tea, visit and use the VIP code TeaBD!


This week, Matt & Emily drink tea and talk topics over Skype! Yep, it’s another social distancing podcast and this time it is about camping! “What is camping?” you might ask. Well, Matt has the answers this week and Emily has opinions about s’mores. Matt & Emily drink two different DAVIDsTEAS with organic ginger, Kashmiri Chai and Organic Super Ginger. Listen to find out if they were Matt & Emily’s cup of tea.


Matt & Emily are back with an all new episode of the podcast! This week is Emily’s turn to have the topic and she’s talking about pajamas, loungewear, leisurewear, comfy clothes, etc. They’re also each enjoying the different green teas they had on hand! Speaking of “on hand” and “leisure,” Emily also bought a Nintendo Switch to play some Animal Crossing and you bet they talked about that!


This week on TeaBD, Matt & Emily are still staying safe and practicing social distancing. During their remote conversation, Matt talks about his topic which is algorithms. He talks about how they can be used for good and evil but they are mostly just neutral. Matt & Emily are both drinking chai teas this week, although different versions. Matt drinks Twinings Ultra Chai Tea while Emily drinks Dove’s Chocolate Discoveries Chai Tea. How do these teas compare? Listen to find out!


Matt & Emily are social distancing again this week and are talking about pets. Emily talks about all the pets she has had in her life and Matt talks about his fish! During this conversation, they drink two different teas. Emily drinks an organic earl grey by True Goodness and Matt revisits McCarthy’s plum pear black tea. How do these teas compare? Listen to find out!


Matt & Emily are going remote! For the first time ever, Matt & Emily record in separate places. Matt has the topic this week and they talk all things Spider-Man, particularly the cartoon from the 90s. Emily shows off her knowledge of Spider-Man (or lack of knowledge). They drink Lipton black tea and discuss this classic tea. Listen to find out if it was their cup of tea!

Lego Pirates & Getting Sick

Matt & Emily are alone this week but still talking topics! Matt’s mini-topic is the Lego theme, Pirates! This set was his original favorite Lego and he used the pirates to expand his creativity. Emily talks about getting sick with strep two times in two weeks! She was so annoyed! They drank Yogi Tea’s Honey Lemon Throat Comfort Tea. Did this tea make them feel better? Listen to find out!