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Coen Brothers

Matt & Emily are talking the Coen brothers this week. Matt shares his love of their movies and the Coen brothers’ style of filmmaking. Emily knows next to nothing about this topic so listen to this episode to learn along with her. Emily drinks Macungie Mountain Herb Farm’s Dream Catcher Tea while Matt drinks Twinings’ Green Tea. Find out if these teas are their cup of tea.

Captain America

TeaBD is continuing to social distance and talk topics. Matt & Emily talk about Captain America. They talk about the character, Chris Evans and Matt’s love of the first Avenger. Emily drinks Chico Chai’s Original Chai. She simmered this tea for 15 minutes and it was worth it! Matt drank DAVIDsTEA’s Cardamom Macchiato white tea. Is remote recording Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.


Matt & Emily are going remote! For the first time ever, Matt & Emily record in separate places. Matt has the topic this week and they talk all things Spider-Man, particularly the cartoon from the 90s. Emily shows off her knowledge of Spider-Man (or lack of knowledge). They drink Lipton black tea and discuss this classic tea. Listen to find out if it was their cup of tea!

The Ernest Movies with Jacob Williams

Matt & Emily are with their friend Jacob Williams this week. Jacob’s topic this week is the Ernest movies! These movies were a favorite of young Jacob and he and Matt introduce them to Emily. They discuss why Jacob enjoyed these movies and how they seem very dated now. During this conversation, they drink their fanciest tea to date, Tiffany Tea No.727 Black Tea and Floral Blend. Yes, that is Tiffany, as in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it is the most expensive tea that has appeared in the podcast! Does that mean it’s their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Emily’s Phone & Going to the Movies

Matt & Emily are alone on this week’s episode of TeaBD and they are talking about things they LOVE. Emily loves her phone and talks extensively about her relationship to her phone. She doesn’t like to be more than five feet away from her phone at any moment. Matt loves going to the movies and he shares what he enjoys about this experience. He also talks about how people should act during the movie watching experience. During this conversation, they drink Zest Wishes, an oolong tea from DAVIDsTEA. Was this holiday themed tea their cup of tea? Listen to hear the answer

Back to the Future with Eddie Dougrou

This week on TeaBD, Matt & Emily have comedian and improviser Eddie Dougrou on the podcast to talk about tea and his TBD topic. That topic turns out to be the Back to the Future film trilogy. Eddie talks about why he enjoys these movies and the comfort he gets from watching them. Emily and Eddie talk about the intricacies of time travel and Matt shares a story about improv and hoverboards. During the conversation, Matt, Emily, and Eddie drink an Apple Cider fruit infusion by DavidsTea. This autumn-y tea is actually from the winter collection but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out.

Drinking Games & Pixar with Brandon Dzirko

Matt & Emily are not alone this week but there are still two topics! Matt & Emily talk to Brandon Dzirko and he was so excited about his TBD topic that he picked TWO topics, drinking games and Pixar movies. Don’t worry, he never mixes the two together! Brandon talks about his favorite drinking games and why he enjoys these activities so much. Matt, Emily & Brandon also talk about their love of Pixar. They share about the moments in these movies that are meaningful to them and rank their top three films. During the conversation, they drink Japanese Green Tea. This tea is from Japan and was purchased at the airport. Is it tea their cup of tea? Listen to the episode the find out!

Horror Movies with Rafael Rautha

This week, Matt & Emily are talking horror movies with their friend Rafael Rautha. Matt and Rafa find out that Emily is afraid of ghosts AND that she believes they are not real. They talk about their favorite horror movies and what actually scares them in these movies. All the while, they’re drinking Republic of Tea’s Açaí and Blackberry Green Tea by Harry and David. Is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Candles & The Dark Knight

It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they are drinking seaberry spa tea by DAVIDsTEA! In this first-of-its-format episode, they’re tackling two topics all by themselves. First up is Emily’s mini-topic: candles—fresh off of when you probably gave or received one for the holidays. Then, Matt’s big topic is one of his all-time favorite movies: The Dark Knight (be prepared for him to geek out).

Brunch & Sports Movies with Rachel Leishman

Matt & Emily welcome comedian, writer, and social media maven, Rachel Leishman, to the podcast and drink Tante T’s Rooibos Hyldeblomst tea! Matt’s mini-topic is brunch: Sweet or savory? Bloody Mary or no Bloody Mary? Is there a difference between brunch food and breakfast food? These are the questions that need answers. Then, Rachel’s guest topic is something she loves to talk about, sports movies! Best sports movies, worst sports movies, movies you didn’t think were sports movies, they all get covered!