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Samples & States by Population Density

Matt & Emily are back on the podcast, talking two new mini-topics! Emily is talking samples, mostly the free kind. Do they get you interested in buying a product? They get Emily into them. Matt’s topic is are the US states by population density. It’s an interesting discussion. They’re also drinking a couple of mouthfuls for tea, Matt has Tumblewood Tea’s Rooibos Lemon Beehive Honeybush tea and Emily is drinking Big Easy Sweet Green Tea with Lemongrass Pineapple and Barley. Are they their cups of tea? Listen to find out.

Already Bean Decided: Metroid & Medieval Queens

Already Bean Decided is BACK with another episode from these two coffee drinkers. Matt and Emily, like always, have decided each other’s topics and they share their research while exploring some of the ways to drink coffee! Matt’s topic is medieval queens and he shares about Empress Matilda and her escapades. Emily shares about her beloved videogame series, Metroid, and does a GREAT job reporting what she learned during her 10 minutes of research! Listen to this episode to learn more about coffee!

Queen Elizabeth the First

Matt and Emily are back to revisit their first ever topic! Emily talks about Queen Elizabeth the First. She tells the story of Elizabeth’s early life and talks about how she discovered her love of queens! Matt & Emily are still social distancing and still drinking two different teas. Emily drinks SPORTea while Matt enjoys a perfect New York moment with T2’s New York Breakfast Tea. One of these was not their cup of tea but listen to find out which one it was!

Nesyamun, The Leeds Mummy, with Slaney Rose Jordan

Matt & Emily are hanging out with their friend Slaney Rose Jordan this week. Slaney’s topic this week is the mummy Nesyamun. Slaney tells Matt and Emily about how this mummy recently “spoke” through a 3-D printing of its vocal cords. They talk about why the scientists did this along with a wide range of things, including curses and hoarding. During this conversation, they drank Fava Tea’s Sleigh Ride white tea. This tea smelled like butterscotch but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

The Presidents of the United States with Jared Weil

Matt & Emily are back and drinking tea with Jared Weil this week! Jared’s topic on this week’s episode is all of the Presidents of the United States. He shares fun facts about Franklin Pierce and, much to his chagrin, Ronald Reagan. Matt, Emily, and Jared also talk about how presidents are people too and how weird it is that that have so much power. This week, they are drinking Twinings English Breakfast tea. This cup of tea is the first cup of tea EVER for Jared and listen to find out if it is really his cup of tea!

The Tenerife Airport Disaster of 1977 with Teffa Hagans

Matt & Emily are not alone this week because they have a friend! They are talking with Teffa Hagans and her topic is the Tenerife airport disaster of 1977. Matt & Emily learn about this tragedy and how it changed aviation standards. They also learn why the words ‘Roger’ and ‘Wilco’ are so important for airplane safety and how planes are really very safe these days. During the conversation, Matt, Emily & Teffa are drinking Jasmine Creme Brulee by DavidsTea, a green tea from the Fall Faves box. This tea really earns its name but is it their cup of tea? Listen to the episode the find out!


It’s Matt & Emily alone in this week’s episode! They are drinking tumeric glow tea by DAVIDsTEA in hopes that it will make them (even more) beautiful. Emily brings the topic and she’s taking about museums, using her knowledge from getting a master’s in museum studies!

The Royal Wedding & First Jobs with Michael Brantl

Matt and Emily welcome Michael Brantl to the podcast and drink DavidsTea’s Organic Cream of Earl Grey tea. They first talk about one of Emily’s most favorite topics, a throwback to episode 1 of the podcast, The Royal Wedding. Michael’s guest topic is to talk about first jobs. Both Michael and Emily started off in the food industry while Matt’s first job was a summer camp counselor.

Making Campfires & Serial Killers with Alexis Lamper

Matt and Emily sit down with Alexis Lamper to enjoy some of DavidsTea’s Kenyan Tinderet black tea. They discuss Matt’s infamous AIM Running Man, conspiracy theories, and favorite teas. The mini-topic of the week is campfires, where we learn that Matt is really, really good at making them. Alexis’ guest topic is serial killers where they talk about true crime including Michelle McNamara’s book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, DNA tests, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and more (including some movie-talk inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Charles Manson movie).