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Super Smash Bros. & Lover (Taylor Swift album)

Matt & Emily are back with a new episode and are all alone this week! Matt has the mini topic this week and he talks about Super Smash Bros, a video game that he is very good at playing. He talks about the characters in the video game and why he loves to play Super Smash Bros. Emily’s big topic is something she loves, the album Lover. Taylor Swift released this new album recently and Emily is a big fan. Lover is her cup of tea! She talks about her favorite songs and her overall feelings about the album. The tea Matt & Emily are drinking is Uji-Shimizu (sweetened matcha). This is their first matcha on the podcast and Emily’s first matcha ever. Listen to episode to hear more about the tea and the topics!

Star Fox & Binge Mode

Matt & Emily are friends who are all alone this week. They are drinking Snooze, a tea from Tea Pigs. Don’t worry, Matt & Emily don’t fall asleep! Matt’s mini topic this week is the video game Star Fox. He discusses visiting the shrine the game was based on while in Japan and talks about this underrated video game. Emily talks about her favorite podcast, Binge Mode. Emily loves this podcast because it’s about her favorite thing, Harry Potter. She talks about the hosts of the podcast and their shared love of fantasy stories. Listen to the episode to find out even more about this week’s topics!

The Rise and Fall of Sega with Steve Howze

Matt & Emily are talking to their friend Steve Howze. Steve’s topic this week is the rise and fall of Sega. He tells the tale of Sega overtaking it’s competition and the series of missteps that led to its demise. Matt is excited because he gets to talk about video games. Emily learns a lot and centers the conversation on her age at various times in the story. During their conversation, they are drinking chocolate pu-erh tea from Numi Organic tea. Is it a 3/3 cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out.

Dumb Phone Games & Game Shows with Alex Braslavsky

Matt & Emily welcome their guest, Alex Braslavsky, to the podcast and drink Grey Moon Botanica’s Pure Vision Tea! Emily’s mini-topic is something everyone plays, dumb phone games! Alex’s guest topic is something everyone watches, game shows!

Fortnite & Pyrex with Troy VanGundy

Matt & Emily welcome Troy VanGundy to the podcast where they drink some unlabeled jasmine green tea (you’ll just have to listen to find out what that means). Matt’s mini-topic this week is something he’s been a little addicted to lately, the videogame Fortnite! Troy’s guest topic is the colorful and collectable kitchenware brand, Pyrex!

Pokémon Go & Pro Wrestling with Sarah Boatright

Matt & Emily welcome Sarah Boatright to the podcast and drink The Buzz by DAVIDsTEA to give them a boost of energy. First up for discussion is Matt’s mini-topic—Pokémon Go—which successfully gets under the skin of the nerd-bashing Sarah. Then, Sarah’s topic for the week is pro wrestling (not to be confused with professional wrestling or just wrestling).

Mega Man & The Adventures of Pete & Pete with Laura Miner

Matt & Emily welcome artist Laura Miner to the podcast and enjoy some strawberry daiquiri tea from Teavana. The mini-topic this week goes back to videogames with Matt gushing about his love for the long running franchise, Mega Man. Laura’s guest topic is Nickelodeon’s live-action kids show from the 90’s, The Adventures of Pete & Pete. They dive into what made the show a classic and one that people are still obsessed with today. The podcast ends with a quick rundown of all the old Nickelodeon TV shows from the era.

The Legend of Zelda & Nintendo with Alex Simmons

Matt and Emily welcome their first guest to the podcast, Alex Simmons! This is also the first two-topic episode and, incidentally, they are related. Matt brings a Legend of Zelda-inspired tea and Alex expresses his love for Nintendo. We talk Mario, Pokémon, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, and more in this very sprawling episode!