The Podcast

TeaBD is the podcast about tea and friendship! Hosts—and best buds—Matt Aromando and Emily Riggins invite their friends onto the show to discuss that week’s topic over a cup of tea. The trick is that only the guest knows their topic ahead of time (it’s TBD)! Subscribe »

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Each week on the podcast, Matt & Emily try out a new tea with their guests. Get their honest reactions to many different kinds of teas from many different brands. View teas »


Every episode of TeaBD has a different topic (and possibly a second, mini-topic). These cover pretty much everything: movies, music, social situations, memories, feeling, and on and on. Going into each episode, the topic is a mystery to all but one person. If a guest brings in the topic, Matt & Emily don’t know what it is. If Matt or Emily has a topic, the other host (as well as the guests) are in the dark. View topics »


Guests (aka friends) on TeaBD come from all kinds of backgrounds. Many of them are comedy performers (writers, improvisors, actors, etc.) but they’ve had artists, collectors, bloggers, and more on the podcast. View guests »


Most episodes of TeaBD feature Matt & Emily and a guest. Some episodes are a Matt & Emily Alone edition where they don’t have a guest. Every few months, TeaBD records an extra-special episode, such as The Summer Spectacular and the Hot Toddy Fall Spectacular with more to come! View episodes »

The Hosts

Hosts Matt Aromando and Emily Riggins are friends, tea lovers, and comedians living in Brooklyn. They loved podcasts so much that they made their own.

Matt Aromando

Matt performs improv, sketch, and stand up comedy, writes in his blog, posts silly videos to his YouTube channel, and is a writer for the Magnet Theater’s sketch team, Souvenir. He enjoys watching baseball, playing videogames, listening to podcasts, movies, and collecting Lego sets. During the day he works as a web developer.

Emily Riggins

Emily is an improviser by night, a teacher by day, and a podcaster all the time. She cares almost exclusively about french fries and Harry Potter but also will talk about the O.C. at any opportunity. Ohand she is so crafty, she only wears her own handmade scarves.