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Samples & States by Population Density

Matt & Emily are back on the podcast, talking two new mini-topics! Emily is talking samples, mostly the free kind. Do they get you interested in buying a product? They get Emily into them. Matt’s topic is are the US states by population density. It’s an interesting discussion. They’re also drinking a couple of mouthfuls for tea, Matt has Tumblewood Tea’s Rooibos Lemon Beehive Honeybush tea and Emily is drinking Big Easy Sweet Green Tea with Lemongrass Pineapple and Barley. Are they their cups of tea? Listen to find out.

Pikmin & Shoes

Matt & Emily are back with a rooibos tea and friendship for this installment of TeaBD. Matt talks Pikmin and Emily talks shoes while also attempting to start a new segment—recommendation corner. Your favorite tea drinkers drink Steep by Bigalow’s Rooibos Hibiscus tea. Listen to find out if this is their cup of tea!

Amazon Reviews with Jackie Skinner

Matt & Emily enjoy the company of Jackie Skinner on this week’s episode. They drink Tante T’s Copenhagen Grey. Emily wants to go back to Copenhagen but does that mean the tea their cup of tea? Jackie talks about Amazon reviews, both the silly and helpful ones. They discuss reviews and why people would feel the need to take time out of their day to review potatoes. Jackie also wonders about how reviews are used by people. Don’t worry, Jackie, Matt and Emily also talk about how TeaBD can be reviewed! Listen to this week’s episode and then be inspired to subscribe and review.

Candles & The Dark Knight

It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they are drinking seaberry spa tea by DAVIDsTEA! In this first-of-its-format episode, they’re tackling two topics all by themselves. First up is Emily’s mini-topic: candles—fresh off of when you probably gave or received one for the holidays. Then, Matt’s big topic is one of his all-time favorite movies: The Dark Knight (be prepared for him to geek out).

Fortnite & Pyrex with Troy VanGundy

Matt & Emily welcome Troy VanGundy to the podcast where they drink some unlabeled jasmine green tea (you’ll just have to listen to find out what that means). Matt’s mini-topic this week is something he’s been a little addicted to lately, the videogame Fortnite! Troy’s guest topic is the colorful and collectable kitchenware brand, Pyrex!

Target & Queueing with Alex Royston

Matt and Emily welcome Alex Royston to the podcast as they enjoy Harry & David’s Bing Cherry tea by The Republic of Tea! For her mini-topic this week, Emily brings up her favorite place to shop: Target! They talk about how all Targets have the same layout, what happens when they don’t follow that layout, and Bullseye the dog’s possible drinking habits. For this week’s guest topic, Alex shares her feelings about queueing (AKA getting in line) from living in Australia, England, and now America. They talk personal space, driving, the stars, and the some of the different ways people use English to say the same thing. (Are you used to people saying “step up,” “step down,” “this way,” or just shouting “next”?)

Subscription Boxes & Sleep with Shannon Kelly

Matt and Emily welcome Shannon Kelly to the podcast! They drink key lime tea and, after some listener feedback, make sure to talk about the tea in detail. After tea talk, they get into the tea topic: subscription boxes (and this podcast doesn’t even have any sponsors yet). The conversation then shifts over to the guest topic of the week: sleep. They talk sleeping behavior, lucid dreaming, setting alarms in the morning, and more! Finally, Carley’s Corner is introduced as Matt and Emily set the record straight from episode one in regards to what happened to Napoleon.