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Goodreads & Flashlights

Matt and Emily are back and talking topics! Emily finds yet another way to talk about reading by discussing the website Goodreads. Matt shares his (mostly negative) thoughts on flashlights. During this illuminating conversation, Matt and Emily drinks Candlelight White Tea from their friends at Plum Deluxe (use the VIP code “teabd” at checkout on their website for 10% off). This tea has notes of grape but is it their cup of tea? As always, listen to find out.

Dresses and Rompers & the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Matt & Emily are talking two topics. Emily talks about rompers and dresses, two of her great passions. Matt talks about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden after visiting for the first time since March. During this extraordinary conversation, Matt drinks Yogi Tea’s Egyptian Licorice while Emily enjoys TeaLeaf’s Mustang Green Tea (or does she). Listen to the episode, out now!


Emily’s topic of the week is shopping and the thrill that she gets from spending money, especially when purchasing an extreme amount of books. During this conversation, Matt drinks Bigelow Tea’s Plantation Mint. This is a black tea with spearmint! Emily drinks a tea with a long title and an excellent taste, Miracle Tree’s Organic Moringa Superfood Infusion Moringa Vanilla Oolong Grape Tea. That name is a mouthful but listen to find out if you will want a mouthful of these teas!


Matt & Emily are back to recording in two separate locations! Emily’s topic is something she is in constant need of help with, organization. Matt tries to giver her tips! Matt drinks Yogi Tea’s Kombucha Green Tea and Emily drinks Dream-O-Hunny by Dollar Tea Club! Listen to find out if the teas are there cup of teas!


Matt & Emily are back in action this week talking procrastination, a thing they did not do for this episode! Matt talks about how he procrastinates and vows to finally finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Emily admits to procrastinating all the time. During the conversation, they drink tea! Matt didn’t procrastinate on using a brand new tea and drank T2’s Sydney Breakfast Tea. Emily drank Lipton Tea’s Orange Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea. Listen RIGHT NOW to find out if these teas are their cups of tea!

Taking Notes & New Year’s Resolutions

Matt & Emily are alone this week and happy to be podcasting! Matt’s mini topic is taking notes. He talks about why he likes taking notes and encourages people to do so! Matt & Emily also look at each other’s notebooks and judge each other’s handwriting. Emily’s big topic for the first Matt & Emily alone episode of the New Year is New Year’s Resolutions. Emily shares her resolutions and Matt talks about some resolutions he has made throughout the year. During this conversation, Matt & Emily start a revolution and Drink Hyson Green tea, the tea that was thrown into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. This tea might have set up American independence but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Taking the First Step with Rich Inman

On this week’s episode, Matt & Emily talk to Rich Inman. Rich’s topic is taking the first step and focuses on taking that first step into a thing you want to do but are too nervous to do, be it in comedy or just in life. They discuss their first steps into sketch and improv. During this conversation, Matt, Emily, and Rich drink T2’s Gingernut Chai tea. This tea advises its drinker to use milk and honey, so they did, but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Bar Arcades & Airports

Matt & Emily are alone this week but still talking tea and topics. Matt’s topic this week is bar arcades. Matt talks about why he enjoys these bars and the best games to play. Emily talks about the best places in the world, airports. Emily shares her go to spots in airports and her experiences with being delayed. She spends a lot of time discussing Hudson News and the annoyance of dragging a bag all around these book stores. For this discussion, they are drinking Spice Professor’s Ginger Lemon Thai Rooibos Tea. This tea from Emily’s apartment has huge chunks of lemon but it is Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.

Waking Up Early & Arena Shows

Matt & Emily don’t have any friends this week but they still have tea. Emily has the mini-topic this week and she talks about one of her least favorite things, waking up early. She has had to wake up early a lot recently and she is unhappy about it. Matt’s big topic is also something he doesn’t love, arena shows. He talks about the good arena shows he has seen and why they worked. Emily, not shockingly, talks about Taylor Swift and Lorde. During this conversation, they drink Bigelow Tea’s Jasmine Green tea. Jasmine is one of Matt’s go to green teas but is it Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Self Dates with Brendan Goggins [CORRECTED]

[Quick note: This episode was originally published incorrectly. Here is the corrected version.] Matt & Emily welcome comedian and actor Brendan Goggins to the podcast and drink McCarthy’s plum pear tea! Brendan’s topic of the week is self dates (or taking oneself on a date).