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Parental Control with Laura Merli

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and they are talking to Laura Merli about tea and her topic this week, the MTV show, Parental Control. The contestants on this show have to choose between their current significant other or dates their parents picked out for them. Laura talks about what she loves about this show and why everyone should watch it. They are drinking Mighty Leaf’s African Nectar tea. This rooibos tea has no caffeine and caused Emily to rant (yet again) about how tea without caffeine does not make sense! While the tea might not make sense, is this African Nectar tea their cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out!

Degrassi with Elisa Ballou

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and her name is Elisa Ballou. Elisa’s topic this week is Degrassi (and a little bit of the television show, Kid Nation). Elisa has watched and loved all forms of the television show Degrassi. She talks about her favorite seasons, episodes and character arcs. Emily makes some great Drake references and Matt compares his high school experience to Degrassi. This week’s tea is Let It Snow by David’s Tea. This green tea is great for the frightful weather of early July so snuggle up to your air conditioning and listen to this week’s episode.

The Punisher & Free Time

Hello! This week Matt & Emily are drinking the very interesting and very different Native American beverage, Yaupon Tea! Matt’s mini-topic is the Netflix/Marvel television series, The Punisher while Emily’s main topic of the week is the concept of free time!

Lego Star Wars & The Good Place

It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they are drinking Willamette Sunset tea by Labrang Tea Traders. Matt’s mini-topic is something he’s collected a lot of, Lego Star Wars, while Emily’s main-topic for the week is her favorite TV show, The Good Place!

The Real Housewives with Rachel Chada

Matt & Emily welcome comedian Rachel Chada to the podcast where they drink Saga of Sweden’s Himmel & Pannkaka tea! This week’s topic is the reality TV show, The Real Housewives (and its many incarnations: Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, etc)!

Daredevil (TV show) & Women in Improv with Shannon Krowicki

Matt & Emily welcome improvisor and actor Shannon Krowicki to the podcast where they drink Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA! Matt’s mini-topic is the recently cancelled, Netflix exclusive, superhero television show Daredevil! Shannon’s main-topic is an honest discussion about women in the improv community, including what it means to be a woman doing improv, how people precieve women performing comedy, and ultimately opening up to how gender is used in improv comedy!

Dumb Phone Games & Game Shows with Alex Braslavsky

Matt & Emily welcome their guest, Alex Braslavsky, to the podcast and drink Grey Moon Botanica’s Pure Vision Tea! Emily’s mini-topic is something everyone plays, dumb phone games! Alex’s guest topic is something everyone watches, game shows!

Disenchantment & Trying New Foods with Kim Tyner

Matt & Emily welcome Kim Tyner to the podcast where they drink Argo Tea’s blueberry white tea! Matt’s mini-topic of the week is the Netflix original series, Disenchantment, created by The Simpsons’ Matt Groening. Kim brought as her topic, trying new foods! As it turns out, Kim will try anything (and probably multiple times), Matt is the medium food eater of the bunch (except he can’t get his Thai and Indian food straight), and Emily is the pickiest eater (but she’s trying).

Mega Man & The Adventures of Pete & Pete with Laura Miner

Matt & Emily welcome artist Laura Miner to the podcast and enjoy some strawberry daiquiri tea from Teavana. The mini-topic this week goes back to videogames with Matt gushing about his love for the long running franchise, Mega Man. Laura’s guest topic is Nickelodeon’s live-action kids show from the 90’s, The Adventures of Pete & Pete. They dive into what made the show a classic and one that people are still obsessed with today. The podcast ends with a quick rundown of all the old Nickelodeon TV shows from the era.

Gotham & Hockey with Andrew Adams

For episode 008, Matt and Emily welcome Andrew Adams to the podcast to share a pot of masala chai tea! The mini-topic of the week is the TV show Gotham and becomes a discussion about Batman more generally. The guest topic of the week—just in time for the playoffs—is professional hockey! Soccer, baseball, basketball, and football all get roped into the discussion as well. As always, the topics can go anywhere!