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Acquiring A New Skill

Matt and Emily are back with a tea that’s not a tea, much to the surprise of your favorite hosts. They are drinking PlumDeluxe’s Butterfly Pea Flower, a drink meant to be mixed with lemonade or a cocktail or another type of tea! Matt’s topic this week is acquiring a new skill and he talks all about the skills he’s acquired recently and why it’s important to keep learning things! Listen to this episode to acquire a wonderful conversation!

Lego Pirates & Getting Sick

Matt & Emily are alone this week but still talking topics! Matt’s mini-topic is the Lego theme, Pirates! This set was his original favorite Lego and he used the pirates to expand his creativity. Emily talks about getting sick with strep two times in two weeks! She was so annoyed! They drank Yogi Tea’s Honey Lemon Throat Comfort Tea. Did this tea make them feel better? Listen to find out!

Role-Playing with Matt McCormick

Matt & Emily are joined on this week’s episode by guest Matt McCormick. Matt’s topic is role-playing. He talks about playing a role in improv, in games, and in acting. He has been really interested in this concept recently and in how you can be yourself while playing a character. Matt, Matt & Emily drink a white tea called The White Wolf, a tea made by Bellocq Tea Atelier and is meant to evoke the western frontier. While the tea doesn’t quite live up to this description, is it still their cup of tea? Hit play to find out!

The New York Times Crossword with Chloe Effron

On this week’s episode, Matt and Emily are talking with their friend Chloe Effron. Chloe’s topic is the New York Times Crossword. She tells us about why she loves this crossword puzzle specifically and teaches Matt & Emily about the language of the NYT crossword. Emily is astounded by all this information and everyone learns about why Thursday is so cool in crossword world. During the conversation, they drink Lebrang Tea Traders Cascade Meadow. This tea looked like a meadow but was it their cup of tea? Find out by listening to this episode!

Lego Star Wars & The Good Place

It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they are drinking Willamette Sunset tea by Labrang Tea Traders. Matt’s mini-topic is something he’s collected a lot of, Lego Star Wars, while Emily’s main-topic for the week is her favorite TV show, The Good Place!

Becoming Better & Board Games with Connor Dunlap

Matt & Emily welcome Connor Dunlap to the podcast and they are drinking Tante T’s Earl Grey Blue Lady tea! Emily is talking about how to become better (notably, not “self-improvement”) and Connor’s topic is board games (and you can listen to him throw shade at chess)!

Arts and Crafts

It’s Matt & Emily alone and they’re drinking Misstea’s Activitea, a hibiscus lemongrass tea! Emily’s topic of the week is arts and crafts, leading them to talk about cross-stitch, knitting, drawing, basket-weaving, crafts they did as children, and more!

Ice Planet 2002 & Remote Places with Andrew Bond

Matt and Emily welcome Andrew Bond to the podcast as they drink Teavana’s mint majesty tea. This week’s mini-topic, courtesy of Matt, is Ice Planet 2002, his all-time favorite Lego theme from the early 90’s. Andrew’s guest topic is remote places: sandy deserts, frozen tundra, islands, space, anywhere lightly or un-populated.

Making Campfires & Serial Killers with Alexis Lamper

Matt and Emily sit down with Alexis Lamper to enjoy some of DavidsTea’s Kenyan Tinderet black tea. They discuss Matt’s infamous AIM Running Man, conspiracy theories, and favorite teas. The mini-topic of the week is campfires, where we learn that Matt is really, really good at making them. Alexis’ guest topic is serial killers where they talk about true crime including Michelle McNamara’s book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, DNA tests, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and more (including some movie-talk inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Charles Manson movie).