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Pumpkin Beers & Friends Who Visit

Matt & Emily are back and they are drinking Whittard’s English Rose Black Tea. This floral tea smells like roses and tastes like roses, which is surprising. Matt’s topic is pumpkin beers and why people love them. He has mixed feelings about them. Matt has some pumpkin beers that he really likes and others that he thinks are only okay. He talks about why this is and Emily share a little bit about pumpkin cider, which is not as good as she wished it was. Emily’s big topic is friends who visit. Emily recently had a friend stay with her for a whole week. She talks about the activities she takes her friends to and how friends make her do things that she doesn’t normally do.

Spelling & Dive Bars

Matt & Emily are alone this week but don’t be sad, they’re still drinking tea! This week Matt & Emily are drinking Plum Deluxe’s Royal Wedding Black Tea. The connection to the Royal Wedding obviously makes this Emily’s cup of tea but listen to find out if it was Matt’s, too. Emily’s mini topic this week is a thing she is very bad at and has hated her entire life, spelling. Matt’s big topic this week is dive bars. They talk about what makes a dive bar, a dive bar and some of their favorite dive bars. Are dive bars their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Dumplings with Norah Jones

Matt & Emily have so many friends and their friend this week is Norah Jones. Norah’s topic this week is dumplings. She shares her definition of a dumpling and they discuss what foods are actually dumplings. The conversation leads to the age old question, “Are pop-tarts dumplings?” During this conversation, Matt, Emily & Norah are drinking Plum Deluxe’s Apple Cinnamon Warmth Black Tea. This tea feels like a warm hug but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Matt & Emily are tea ambassadors for Plum Deluxe. If you follow this link: and use the VIP code ‘TeaBD’ at checkout, you will save 10% on your order and support the show!

Popsicles & Summer Break

Matt & Emily are alone this week but they still have so much to talk about. Matt’s mini topic is popsicles. Matt & Emily talk about their favorite popsicles and going to the ice cream truck. Emily’s big topic is summer break! Emily loves her summer breaks as an adult and Matt shares stories about his summer breaks as a child. These topics fit so well together, it feels planned, except it wasn’t! During their conversation, Matt & Emily drink Bigelow’s Green Tea with Wild Blueberry and Açaí. Was this green tea their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Milk Chocolate & Bachelor Parties

Matt & Emily are alone this week. They still have friends but not this week! They are drinking Cha-Tokyo’s Lemon x Black Tea, a new brand of tea for Matt and Emily from Japan. Emily has the mini-topic this week and she is talking about one of her greatest loves, milk chocolate. Matt talks about a topic that has been on his mind recently, bachelor parties. He has attended many and has thoughts he wants to share. Listen to find out how to have a good bachelor party!

Cider & Everyday Safety Measures

On this week’s episode, Matt & Emily discuss cider and everyday safety measures. There is no guest this week so they just talk to each other! Emily loves cider and Matt loves people being safe. They drink DAVIDsTEA English Toffee, a tea described as decedent. Is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Tea (1st Anniversary Episode)

Matt and Emily are alone and CELEBRATING. That’s right! It’s the one year podcast anniversary of TeaBD and they are talking tea and tea only. Emily brought DAVIDsTEA’s Pumpkin Chai and a list of her top five favorite teas. Matt brought T2’s French Earl Grey and his OWN top five tea list. They know more about tea than they did a year ago!

Tiki Drinks with Andrew Krepow

Matt & Emily welcome their friend and fellow comedian Andrew Krepow to the podcast and drink the White Tea, Pear Tatin by The London Tea Company! Andrew’s topic of the week is Tiki Drinks!

French Fries & Roller Coasters

It’s Matt & Emily Alone on this Valentine’s Day episode of TeaBD (just like a normal episode but it happens to come out on Valentine’s Day). They are drinking DAVIDsTEA’s organic blueberry jam black tea. Emily’s mini-topic for the week is one of her favorite foods, french fries! Matt’s main topic of the week is roller coasters!

New York Deli Sandwiches with Jason Howard

Matt & Emily welcome comedian Jason Howard to the podcast where they drink Argo Tea’s first flush Darjeeling tea! This week’s topic, from Jason, is New York Deli Sandwiches!