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Condiments and Dipping Sauces with Corey Lewin

Big news: Matt & Emily aren’t alone this week! Yes—that’s right—for the first time since March, they have a guest! This week on the podcast is musician, Corey Lewin, and his topic is condiments and dipping sauces. What are some good ones? What are some bad ones? Be prepared for some hot takes. They’ve also all got their own teas: Emily is drinking Fortnum and Mason’s chai tea, Matt has Tumblewood Teas’ Boulder River Currant, and Corey is drinking The Tea Spot’s peppermint tea.

Ice Cream & Halloween Candy

This week on the podcast, Matt & Emily are talking all about treats! First they’re drinking the ultimate treat, tea: Matt is drinking the London Tea Company’s Zingy Lemon and Ginger while Emily has the Dollar Tea Club’s Ginger Peach. Then it’s time for mini-topics, Emily’s is the delightful summer “slash” anytime treat, ice cream and Matt is talking about Halloween candy. They each make Top Five lists for both topics!

Meal Kit Delivery Services

Welcome to another episode of TeaBD (in the Park)! Matt and Emily are joined by special guest hosts Chester and Patrick Mahomes, two dogs that were wandering around the park! Emily talks about meal kit delivery services and what makes a good meal kit. During this park time, Matt and Emily drink Ivy Tea Company’s Green Bae Tea. However, to find out if it is Emily and Matt’s cup of tea, you have to listen to the episode!


Matt & Emily are back with yet another episode for the listeners’ ears. Emily talks about one of her greatest food passions, soup, and they both make top five soup lists! While not soup, they do both drink hot tea! Emily drinks TéSpa’s Jasmine Green Té and Matt drinks DAVIDsTEA’s Honeycrisp Apple. These two teas have two things in common. Listen to find out what they are!

Snacks and Snacking

This week, Matt & Emily are determined to be chipper! To do this, they are talking snacks and snacking. Have you ever thought, “What is a snack?” Well this episode has the answer. During the conversation Matt drinks Adagio’s Thai tea. Spoiler alert, he loved this tea. Emily drinks Made of Tea’s Black Gunpowder tea. No spoilers on this one though, you will have to listen to find out if it was her cup of tea!

Grocery Shopping

Matt & Emily are social distancing and talking grocery shopping. Emily hates grocery shopping and Matt loves Trader Joe’s. They talk pro and cons of grocery shopping and grocery staples. They also drink tea! Emily drinks Plum Deluxe’s Apple Cinnamon Warmth and Matt drinks Teavana’s Peach Tranquility. Listen to find out if these teas were their cup of tea? To get your own Plum Deluxe Tea, visit and use the VIP code TeaBD!

Cooking Shows with Nick Pappas

Matt & Emily are back this week with guest Nick Pappas. Nick’s topic for the episode is cooking shows. He was inspired by these shows, especially The Great British Bake Off, to start baking himself! He talks about why he enjoys baking and gives out some excellent tips! Emily shares her love of the television show Chopped and Matt decides to start watching Nailed It! During their discussion, Matt, Emily & Nick drink Lipton’s green tea. Was this simple tea their cup of tea? Download now to find out.

Baking Cookies & Sketch Comedy

Matt & Emily are alone this week and talking tea and topics. Emily’s mini topic this week is Baking Cookies. Emily doesn’t do this as often as she would like but she does love to bake and, more importantly, loves to get compliments on her baking. Matt’s big topic is sketch comedy. He talks about getting into sketch comedy and his writing process. The tea this week is Fava Tea Company’s Cinnamon Plum herbal tea. Was this Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.


It’s Thanksgiving and Matt & Emily are thankful for tea and friendship. They are especially thankful for their guest, Alex Simmons. Matt, Emily & Alex have the most deranged tea talk yet while they drink Gourmet Blend Chai Spiced Chocolate. This tea was purchased at TJ Maxx and was meant to make a chai latte but the results were … complicated. The topic this week is Thanksgiving! Matt, Emily & Alex share about their Thanksgiving traditions and favorite foods. Listen to find out if Thanksgiving is their cup of tea. Hint: it is!

Pumpkin Beers & Friends Who Visit

Matt & Emily are back and they are drinking Whittard’s English Rose Black Tea. This floral tea smells like roses and tastes like roses, which is surprising. Matt’s topic is pumpkin beers and why people love them. He has mixed feelings about them. Matt has some pumpkin beers that he really likes and others that he thinks are only okay. He talks about why this is and Emily share a little bit about pumpkin cider, which is not as good as she wished it was. Emily’s big topic is friends who visit. Emily recently had a friend stay with her for a whole week. She talks about the activities she takes her friends to and how friends make her do things that she doesn’t normally do.