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Giving Presents & Thursday

Matt & Emily are at the microphones for another ep! This time these two crazy kids are talking about giving presents and the band Thursday. Emily loves to wrap presents and Matt loves music. During the chat, your hosts drink AraMINTa Ross Spearmint Orange Spice by the TeaBook. Listen to find out if it was their cup of tea!!

Snow & Christmas Cards

MATT and EMILY are back with two mini topics. How fun! Matt talks snow and Emily discusses Christmas Cards. During this festive conversation, your favorite cohosts drink Steep by Bigelow’s Earl Grey tea. Listen to find out if this episode is your cup of tea!

Back to School & Slaughterhouse-Five

Boy oh boy are Matt and Emily back with yet another episode of TeaBD. Emily talks about the topic ‘Back to School’ while Matt talks about a book some people read in school, Slaughterhouse-Five. During the conversation your favorite hosts drink Smooth Sailing Mango Black Tea by our friends at Plum Deluxe. Get this tea for yourself by using the VIP code TEABD at and listen to find out if it was their cup of tea.


This week Matt & Emily are back and talking tea. Emily drinks Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Apricot Ceylon Tea and Matt drinks Adagio’s White Blueberry tea. Another socially distanced pod brings about the question, were these teas their cup of teas? Emily’s topic this week was moving. She shares her recent experiences and they talk about what makes moving hard. Spoiler alert, moving is not their cup of tea! Listen to the episode to hear the entire conversation!

Getting Hoodwinked with Kerrod Williams

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and he is comedian and writer Kerrod Williams. Kerrod tells the story of the time he got hoodwinked over the video game WildStar. He was so excited to get this game early that he let himself get duped! During this conversation, Matt, Emily & Kerrod drink T2’s Melbourne Breakfast Tea. Kerrod and T2 are both from Australia so this tea felt appropriate. They discuss how Australian this tea actually is but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Ludwig Wittgenstein with Matt Abedi

Matt & Emily learn a lot on this week’s episode. Their guest is another Matt, Matt Abedi. His topic is his favorite philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein! Matt talks about Wittgenstein’s theories and why he enjoys his philosophical ideas. During this conversation, Matt, Matt and Emily enjoy a cup of Blueberry Muffin, a fruit infusion from DAVIDsTEA. This tea is very sweet but is it their cup of tea?

Car Accidents with Andrew Barlow

This week on TeaBD, Matt & Emily are talking with their friend Andrew Barlow about tea and topics. Andrew’s topic this week is car accidents. Andrew recounts the stories of car accidents he has been in and talks about why his friends don’t let him drive anymore. Matt & Emily share there stories as well and everyone shares what they have learned about driving from these experiences. During this conversation, Matt, Emily & Andrew drink TWG’s Silver Moon green tea. As always, they discuss the tea and answer the most important question, “Is this your cup of tea?” Listen to find out the answer to this important question.

Nosy Coworkers with Courtney Lynne

On TeaBD this week, Matt & Emily have improviser and friend, Courtney Lynne, on to chat! They’re drinking London Tea Company’s Peach and Rhubarb tea, a controversial tea as it contains neither peach nor rhubarb! After being lied to by tea, Courtney talks about her topic, nosy coworkers. Courtney shares about her experiences with past coworkers and how she navigates these situations. Are nosy coworkers your cup of tea? Probably not but listen to find out for sure!

Spelling & Dive Bars

Matt & Emily are alone this week but don’t be sad, they’re still drinking tea! This week Matt & Emily are drinking Plum Deluxe’s Royal Wedding Black Tea. The connection to the Royal Wedding obviously makes this Emily’s cup of tea but listen to find out if it was Matt’s, too. Emily’s mini topic this week is a thing she is very bad at and has hated her entire life, spelling. Matt’s big topic this week is dive bars. They talk about what makes a dive bar, a dive bar and some of their favorite dive bars. Are dive bars their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Milk Chocolate & Bachelor Parties

Matt & Emily are alone this week. They still have friends but not this week! They are drinking Cha-Tokyo’s Lemon x Black Tea, a new brand of tea for Matt and Emily from Japan. Emily has the mini-topic this week and she is talking about one of her greatest loves, milk chocolate. Matt talks about a topic that has been on his mind recently, bachelor parties. He has attended many and has thoughts he wants to share. Listen to find out how to have a good bachelor party!