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Walt Disney World with Ryan Staples

Matt and Emily are back with Ryan Staples! Ryan talk about Walt Disney World, the happiest place on earth. Emily recounts her memories from being seven and Matt talks about being a grown up at the park. They also all drink tea! Three guests means we got three teas! Listen to find out what teas got the coveted Cup of Tea rating!

Lazy Nights

Matt and Emily are back, listeners of TeaBD! Emily talks about the topic of lazy nights in the sole purpose of telling Matt about her Friday night. She puréed a pumpkin!!! Your favorite hosts drink a cold water infusion from Bigelow Botanicals. Was this Blueberry Citrus Basil their cup of infusion? Listen to find out!

The Feeling of Getting Home From Work

TeaBD is back! Matt & Emily talk about the feeling of getting home from work—while drinking tea—a great thing to do when you get home from work! Matt’s tea was Lychee Bellini by DAVIDsTEA and was both disappointing and surprising. Emily’s tea was Tea Pig’s Darjeeling Earl Grey but also she had earl grey ice cream recently. Listen to hear this great conversation!

Videogame Streaming & Jigsaw Puzzles

TeaBD is back and while the topics are videogame streaming and jigsaw puzzles, so much more is discussed. The definition of a ziploc bag? Discussed. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Check. Even Animal Crossing? Absolutely. Matt & Emily drink the same tea this week too! They are drinking Plum Deluxe’s Huckleberry Happiness. Spoiler Alert, it is their cup of tea. You can enjoy the tea by using the VIP code TeaBD at for 10% off.

Dresses and Rompers & the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Matt & Emily are talking two topics. Emily talks about rompers and dresses, two of her great passions. Matt talks about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden after visiting for the first time since March. During this extraordinary conversation, Matt drinks Yogi Tea’s Egyptian Licorice while Emily enjoys TeaLeaf’s Mustang Green Tea (or does she). Listen to the episode, out now!


Matt & Emily are back, recording live from Central Park! That’s right, Matt & Emily were together and drinking the same tea! They drink A. Kumar’s Lychee Black Tea. They discuss this tea but you will have listen to find out if it was their cup of tea! Matt’s topic this week was, fittingly, parks. He discusses why he enjoys parks and Emily takes us back to her favorite childhood parks. Are parks their cup of tea? Spoiler alert, yes!


This week, Matt & Emily drink tea and talk topics over Skype! Yep, it’s another social distancing podcast and this time it is about camping! “What is camping?” you might ask. Well, Matt has the answers this week and Emily has opinions about s’mores. Matt & Emily drink two different DAVIDsTEAS with organic ginger, Kashmiri Chai and Organic Super Ginger. Listen to find out if they were Matt & Emily’s cup of tea.


Matt & Emily are back with an all new episode of the podcast! This week is Emily’s turn to have the topic and she’s talking about pajamas, loungewear, leisurewear, comfy clothes, etc. They’re also each enjoying the different green teas they had on hand! Speaking of “on hand” and “leisure,” Emily also bought a Nintendo Switch to play some Animal Crossing and you bet they talked about that!

Long-Distance Cycling Trips with Rebecca McGivney

Matt & Emily are busy this week talking to their friend Rebecca McGivney. Rebecca topic is long distance cycling trips. She has crossed the country twice by bike and has created an extremely extensive google map of her next panned trip. During this conversation, Matt & Emily share rose black tea from Phuc Long Tea with Rebecca. This tea is Vietnamese but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Baking Cookies & Sketch Comedy

Matt & Emily are alone this week and talking tea and topics. Emily’s mini topic this week is Baking Cookies. Emily doesn’t do this as often as she would like but she does love to bake and, more importantly, loves to get compliments on her baking. Matt’s big topic is sketch comedy. He talks about getting into sketch comedy and his writing process. The tea this week is Fava Tea Company’s Cinnamon Plum herbal tea. Was this Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out.