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Giving Presents & Thursday

Matt & Emily are at the microphones for another ep! This time these two crazy kids are talking about giving presents and the band Thursday. Emily loves to wrap presents and Matt loves music. During the chat, your hosts drink AraMINTa Ross Spearmint Orange Spice by the TeaBook. Listen to find out if it was their cup of tea!!

Folklore with Julia Schroeder

Matt and Emily are back with a friend, Julia Schroeder! These crazy kids discuss Folklore, Taylor Swift’s ICONIC eighth studio album. Swifties, this was a recorded in a pre-Evermore world! During this conversation, Matt, Emily and Julia discuss their individual teas and decide if these teas are their cups of tea. Julia had Pin Bo Jade Tea by Butcher’s Best, while Emily drank Pumpkin Patch black tea from the Dollar Tea Club. Matt made himself an Oregon Chai salted caramel chai latte!

Concerts with Jenny Bee

Matt and Emily are talking to their friend Jenny Bee this week! Jenny talks about concerts and why she enjoys them. Matt, Emily and Jenny talk about first concerts and their most embarrassing concerts. Spoiler, they all have embarrassing concert experiences. During this conversation, they drink Hemisfares Genmaicha Toasted Rice Green Tea. This tea had rice in it but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Waking Up Early & Arena Shows

Matt & Emily don’t have any friends this week but they still have tea. Emily has the mini-topic this week and she talks about one of her least favorite things, waking up early. She has had to wake up early a lot recently and she is unhappy about it. Matt’s big topic is also something he doesn’t love, arena shows. He talks about the good arena shows he has seen and why they worked. Emily, not shockingly, talks about Taylor Swift and Lorde. During this conversation, they drink Bigelow Tea’s Jasmine Green tea. Jasmine is one of Matt’s go to green teas but is it Matt & Emily’s cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Mitski with Fu Goto

Matt & Emily are with their friend and fellow comedian Fu Goto. Fu talks about a musical artist she has been listening to a lot recently, the singer Mitski. Fu talk about how she found Mitski’s music and her favorite Mitski songs. Fu also talks about how she wished she got into music more often. Matt, Emily, and Fu drink a tea Emily likes so much she swore about it! They are drinking DavidsTea’s Maple Chai. Is it the podcast’s cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out!

Super Smash Bros. & Lover (Taylor Swift album)

Matt & Emily are back with a new episode and are all alone this week! Matt has the mini topic this week and he talks about Super Smash Bros, a video game that he is very good at playing. He talks about the characters in the video game and why he loves to play Super Smash Bros. Emily’s big topic is something she loves, the album Lover. Taylor Swift released this new album recently and Emily is a big fan. Lover is her cup of tea! She talks about her favorite songs and her overall feelings about the album. The tea Matt & Emily are drinking is Uji-Shimizu (sweetened matcha). This is their first matcha on the podcast and Emily’s first matcha ever. Listen to episode to hear more about the tea and the topics!

Music Festivals with Delaney Sweet

Matt & Emily’s guest this week is Delaney Sweet and her topic for the episode is music festivals! They talk about the music festivals they’ve been to and the real purpose of these festivals. Emily talks about Wizard Rock and Matt shares the story of him falling asleep at Bonnaroo. This week, Matt & Emily are also excited to share their new ambassadorship with Plum Deluxe and drink some of their Blackberry Mojito Black Tea. Follow this link: and use the VIP code ‘TeaBD’ at checkout to save 10% on your order and support the show!

Beastie Boys

It’s Matt & Emily alone and they are going back to basics by drinking Bigelow Tea’s classic green tea! The topic this week is something near and dear to Matt’s heart, the one, the only, the Beastie Boys! They are one of Matt’s all time favorite bands and he really geeks out about them.

Nu Metal

Matt & Emily are drinking Argo Tea’s White Peach tea with…no one! It’s Matt & Emily Alone and they’re talking about Matt’s favorite genre of music in high school: Nu Metal. They’re talking about some of the bands considered nu metal, how nu metal fits into the history of music, how Matt feels about nu metal now, and more!

Melodrama (Lorde album)

Matt and Emily enjoy some rose petal black tea by The Tao of Tea as they talk music! Emily’s topic of the week is Lorde’s 2017 album, Melodrama. They also find time to talk about seeing Lorde in concert and her debut album, Pure Heroine.