Milk Chocolate & Bachelor Parties

Matt & Emily are alone this week. They still have friends but not this week! They are drinking Cha-Tokyo’s Lemon x Black Tea, a new brand of tea for Matt and Emily from Japan. Emily has the mini-topic this week and she is talking about one of her greatest loves, milk chocolate. Matt talks about a topic that has been on his mind recently, bachelor parties. He has attended many and has thoughts he wants to share. Listen to find out how to have a good bachelor party!

Astrology with Angelica Florio

Matt & Emily are flock-stars this week with their friend Angelica Florio. They are drinking Flamingo Fresca by DAVIDsTEA, a tea with flamingo sprinkles that’s pink, a combination that gets high praise. This week, courtesy of Angelica, they are talking astrology. Matt and Emily know nothing about this except their signs. What do they learn? Listen to find out!

Awkward Celebrity Encounters/Run-Ins with Heather Mohamed

Matt & Emily have a friend this week! Heather Mohamed stops by the podcast to talk about Awkward Celebrity Encounters/Run-Ins. They talk about Ben Platt, Ansel Elgort and Taylor Swift. Matt & Emily have also had quite a few celebrity encounters to share. The whole time that are talking, they are drinking English Breakfast Tea from Ahmad Tea and—in a turn of events—Heather brought the tea this week! Is stalking celebrities their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Podcast Stats & Being a Fan

Matt & Emily are alone this week and they are talking about the things that are important to them. They drink Pukka’s after dinner tea, “A delicious digestif of organic sweet fennel, roasted chicory & cardamom.” Matt has a mini topic this week and he gives a little background info on podcast stats. He also shares his love of spreadsheets and numbers. Emily’s topic is being a fan. She loves the Columbus Blue Jackets, Game of Thrones, and Taylor Swift. She talks about loving things and having these things make you sad. Be a fan of the show and listen to this week’s episode.

Amazon Reviews with Jackie Skinner

Matt & Emily enjoy the company of Jackie Skinner on this week’s episode. They drink Tante T’s Copenhagen Grey. Emily wants to go back to Copenhagen but does that mean the tea their cup of tea? Jackie talks about Amazon reviews, both the silly and helpful ones. They discuss reviews and why people would feel the need to take time out of their day to review potatoes. Jackie also wonders about how reviews are used by people. Don’t worry, Jackie, Matt and Emily also talk about how TeaBD can be reviewed! Listen to this week’s episode and then be inspired to subscribe and review.

The Phantom of the Opera with Lauren Gamiel

This week, Matt & Emily are drinking DAVIDsTEA’s S’mores Chai with their friend Lauren Gamiel! While they are enjoying this chocolaty treat they’re talking about the book, the musical, the movie: The Phantom of the Opera! Among other things, they discuss the themes of the story, ghost dads, and Gerard Butler’s attractiveness. Did you ever wonder about the logistics of haunting an opera house? This is the podcast for you!

Cider & Everyday Safety Measures

On this week’s episode, Matt & Emily discuss cider and everyday safety measures. There is no guest this week so they just talk to each other! Emily loves cider and Matt loves people being safe. They drink DAVIDsTEA English Toffee, a tea described as decedent. Is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Scientology with Lesley Noyes

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and she is Lesley Noyes! They talk about one of the things that fascinates Lesley the most, Scientology. Spoiler alert, Scientology is bad! On this episode, they drink a tea that has been teased before: DAVIDsTEA’s Magic Potion fruit infusion. IT CHANGES COLOR and Emily is crazy happy about this. Will you be crazy happy about this episode? Listen to find out!

Training for a Half Marathon Badly and Out of Nowhere with Lauren Magnuson

This week, Matt & Emily are talking about everyone’s favorite activity, running. We talk with Lauren Magnuson about training for a half marathon badly and out of nowhere! Lauren recently accidentally signed up for a half marathon and she shares how her training is going. They drink Tante T’s Prickly Pear green tea the whole time! Listen to see if it was their cup of tea.

The Punisher & Free Time

Hello! This week Matt & Emily are drinking the very interesting and very different Native American beverage, Yaupon Tea! Matt’s mini-topic is the Netflix/Marvel television series, The Punisher while Emily’s main topic of the week is the concept of free time!