Mitski with Fu Goto

Matt & Emily are with their friend and fellow comedian Fu Goto. Fu talks about a musical artist she has been listening to a lot recently, the singer Mitski. Fu talk about how she found Mitski’s music and her favorite Mitski songs. Fu also talks about how she wished she got into music more often. Matt, Emily, and Fu drink a tea Emily likes so much she swore about it! They are drinking DavidsTea’s Maple Chai. Is it the podcast’s cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out!

Dungeons & Dragons with Stephen Buckley

Matt & Emily are drinking tea and talking to their friend Stephen Buckley this week. They are also joined by cops, lawyers and one lonely EMT. Stephen talks about one of his passions, the game Dungeons & Dragons. He talks about the history of the game and how different groups of people play with different focuses as well as his love of the game and his journey to becoming a Dungeon Master. Matt, Emily, and Stephen drink Argo Tea’s Maté Laté Tea. Matt laments the closing of his favorite Argo Teas and Emily is sad about the caffeine level. This Maté Laté is a yerba mate tea but was it their cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out!

Super Smash Bros. & Lover (Taylor Swift album)

Matt & Emily are back with a new episode and are all alone this week! Matt has the mini topic this week and he talks about Super Smash Bros, a video game that he is very good at playing. He talks about the characters in the video game and why he loves to play Super Smash Bros. Emily’s big topic is something she loves, the album Lover. Taylor Swift released this new album recently and Emily is a big fan. Lover is her cup of tea! She talks about her favorite songs and her overall feelings about the album. The tea Matt & Emily are drinking is Uji-Shimizu (sweetened matcha). This is their first matcha on the podcast and Emily’s first matcha ever. Listen to episode to hear more about the tea and the topics!

The Presidents of the United States with Jared Weil

Matt & Emily are back and drinking tea with Jared Weil this week! Jared’s topic on this week’s episode is all of the Presidents of the United States. He shares fun facts about Franklin Pierce and, much to his chagrin, Ronald Reagan. Matt, Emily, and Jared also talk about how presidents are people too and how weird it is that that have so much power. This week, they are drinking Twinings English Breakfast tea. This cup of tea is the first cup of tea EVER for Jared and listen to find out if it is really his cup of tea!

Drinking Games & Pixar with Brandon Dzirko

Matt & Emily are not alone this week but there are still two topics! Matt & Emily talk to Brandon Dzirko and he was so excited about his TBD topic that he picked TWO topics, drinking games and Pixar movies. Don’t worry, he never mixes the two together! Brandon talks about his favorite drinking games and why he enjoys these activities so much. Matt, Emily & Brandon also talk about their love of Pixar. They share about the moments in these movies that are meaningful to them and rank their top three films. During the conversation, they drink Japanese Green Tea. This tea is from Japan and was purchased at the airport. Is it tea their cup of tea? Listen to the episode the find out!

Spelling & Dive Bars

Matt & Emily are alone this week but don’t be sad, they’re still drinking tea! This week Matt & Emily are drinking Plum Deluxe’s Royal Wedding Black Tea. The connection to the Royal Wedding obviously makes this Emily’s cup of tea but listen to find out if it was Matt’s, too. Emily’s mini topic this week is a thing she is very bad at and has hated her entire life, spelling. Matt’s big topic this week is dive bars. They talk about what makes a dive bar, a dive bar and some of their favorite dive bars. Are dive bars their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

The Tenerife Airport Disaster of 1977 with Teffa Hagans

Matt & Emily are not alone this week because they have a friend! They are talking with Teffa Hagans and her topic is the Tenerife airport disaster of 1977. Matt & Emily learn about this tragedy and how it changed aviation standards. They also learn why the words ‘Roger’ and ‘Wilco’ are so important for airplane safety and how planes are really very safe these days. During the conversation, Matt, Emily & Teffa are drinking Jasmine Creme Brulee by DavidsTea, a green tea from the Fall Faves box. This tea really earns its name but is it their cup of tea? Listen to the episode the find out!

Parental Control with Laura Merli

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and they are talking to Laura Merli about tea and her topic this week, the MTV show, Parental Control. The contestants on this show have to choose between their current significant other or dates their parents picked out for them. Laura talks about what she loves about this show and why everyone should watch it. They are drinking Mighty Leaf’s African Nectar tea. This rooibos tea has no caffeine and caused Emily to rant (yet again) about how tea without caffeine does not make sense! While the tea might not make sense, is this African Nectar tea their cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out!

Star Fox & Binge Mode

Matt & Emily are friends who are all alone this week. They are drinking Snooze, a tea from Tea Pigs. Don’t worry, Matt & Emily don’t fall asleep! Matt’s mini topic this week is the video game Star Fox. He discusses visiting the shrine the game was based on while in Japan and talks about this underrated video game. Emily talks about her favorite podcast, Binge Mode. Emily loves this podcast because it’s about her favorite thing, Harry Potter. She talks about the hosts of the podcast and their shared love of fantasy stories. Listen to the episode to find out even more about this week’s topics!

YouTube with Lindsey Myers

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and it is fellow comedian Lindsey Myers. This week, they are drinking Raspberry Inferno tea from The London Tea Company. This tea is a mix of raspberries and chili but do they need a fire extinguisher to deal with the heat? While they are drinking tea, Lindsey talks about her topic, YouTube! Lindsey shares about why she enjoys watching YouTube and her favorite channels. Both Matt & Lindsey enjoy watching YouTube while Emily prefers to use her time watching countless crafting videos on Facebook. Listen to the episode to find out even more about this week’s topic!