Auditioning with Hailey Vest

Matt & Emily are talking to their friend Hailey Vest this week about auditions! Hailey is an actor who auditions for a variety of roles and she talks about this process with Matt & Emily. During the conversation, they drink Udyan Tea’s Dragon Claw Oolong Tea. Are auditions their cup of tea? Is this tea their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Concerts with Jenny Bee

Matt and Emily are talking to their friend Jenny Bee this week! Jenny talks about concerts and why she enjoys them. Matt, Emily and Jenny talk about first concerts and their most embarrassing concerts. Spoiler, they all have embarrassing concert experiences. During this conversation, they drink Hemisfares Genmaicha Toasted Rice Green Tea. This tea had rice in it but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Topics (2nd Anniversary Episode)

Hey, it’s official(-ish), we’ve been putting out this podcast for two(-ish) years! Last year, for our first anniversary, we tackled the topic of tea. This year, our topic is topics! We revisit some past topics from the podcast, discuss how we feel about the topics we’ve had so far, and give some stats and shoutouts related to topics from the show! Also this week, we’re drinking Rosie’s Riveting We Can Do It Tea by the Loose Leaf Woman Gourmet Tea Company!

Long-Distance Cycling Trips with Rebecca McGivney

Matt & Emily are busy this week talking to their friend Rebecca McGivney. Rebecca topic is long distance cycling trips. She has crossed the country twice by bike and has created an extremely extensive google map of her next panned trip. During this conversation, Matt & Emily share rose black tea from Phuc Long Tea with Rebecca. This tea is Vietnamese but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Anxiety and Fear with Kayleigh Reichman

On this week’s podcast, Matt & Emily are talking about anxiety and fear with their guest, Kayleigh Reichman. Kayliegh shares her journey with anxiety and discusses the difference between anxiety and fear. Matt & Emily also discuss their anxieties with the listeners. Kayliegh, Matt & Emily drink banana and grapefruit black tea by DAVIDsTEA. This unexpected fruit combination gave them much to discuss but was it their cup of tea? Tune in to find out!

Baby Yoda & Super Mario Bros.

Matt & Emily are alone this week but that’s okay because they still have tea and topics. Emily has the mini topic this week and she talks about the one thing she truly loves in this world, Baby Yoda and why little The Child is so cute. Matt’s topic this week is the video game series, Super Mario Bros. He talks about the history of Super Mario Brothers and his own personal journey through the series. During this conversation, Matt & Emily drink Teaposy’s Harmony Blooming tea, one of the most exciting teas they have had on the podcast. This white tea blooms and reveals beautiful flowers but was it their cup of tea? Listen to the episode to find out.

Nesyamun, The Leeds Mummy, with Slaney Rose Jordan

Matt & Emily are hanging out with their friend Slaney Rose Jordan this week. Slaney’s topic this week is the mummy Nesyamun. Slaney tells Matt and Emily about how this mummy recently “spoke” through a 3-D printing of its vocal cords. They talk about why the scientists did this along with a wide range of things, including curses and hoarding. During this conversation, they drank Fava Tea’s Sleigh Ride white tea. This tea smelled like butterscotch but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Getting Hoodwinked with Kerrod Williams

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and he is comedian and writer Kerrod Williams. Kerrod tells the story of the time he got hoodwinked over the video game WildStar. He was so excited to get this game early that he let himself get duped! During this conversation, Matt, Emily & Kerrod drink T2’s Melbourne Breakfast Tea. Kerrod and T2 are both from Australia so this tea felt appropriate. They discuss how Australian this tea actually is but is it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Taking Notes & New Year’s Resolutions

Matt & Emily are alone this week and happy to be podcasting! Matt’s mini topic is taking notes. He talks about why he likes taking notes and encourages people to do so! Matt & Emily also look at each other’s notebooks and judge each other’s handwriting. Emily’s big topic for the first Matt & Emily alone episode of the New Year is New Year’s Resolutions. Emily shares her resolutions and Matt talks about some resolutions he has made throughout the year. During this conversation, Matt & Emily start a revolution and Drink Hyson Green tea, the tea that was thrown into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. This tea might have set up American independence but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!

Taking the First Step with Rich Inman

On this week’s episode, Matt & Emily talk to Rich Inman. Rich’s topic is taking the first step and focuses on taking that first step into a thing you want to do but are too nervous to do, be it in comedy or just in life. They discuss their first steps into sketch and improv. During this conversation, Matt, Emily, and Rich drink T2’s Gingernut Chai tea. This tea advises its drinker to use milk and honey, so they did, but was it their cup of tea? Listen to find out!