The Tenerife Airport Disaster of 1977 with Teffa Hagans

Matt & Emily are not alone this week because they have a friend! They are talking with Teffa Hagans and her topic is the Tenerife airport disaster of 1977. Matt & Emily learn about this tragedy and how it changed aviation standards. They also learn why the words ‘Roger’ and ‘Wilco’ are so important for airplane safety and how planes are really very safe these days. During the conversation, Matt, Emily & Teffa are drinking Jasmine Creme Brulee by DavidsTea, a green tea from the Fall Faves box. This tea really earns its name but is it their cup of tea? Listen to the episode the find out!

One thought on “The Tenerife Airport Disaster of 1977 with Teffa Hagans

  1. Madrid? The KLM pilot and co-pilot issue was seen by investigators as a big issue, but not a word about converstaion of PanAm pilot and his co-pilot. PanAm pilot did not want to go on runway. He said tell him, tell him (co-pilot was talking with controller). Co-pilot refused and plane went on runway.

    These facts do show that Spanish investigators wanted to blame everyone except themselves.
    – 2 planes on runway in those circumstances?
    – why not C-4 taxiway C-5 runway? A lot easir wirh 747’s
    – why C-3? Very hard to do with 747
    – football match on television, could be heard on both CVR’s

    These facts do show that US investigators wanted to blame everyone except themselves.
    – why talk about KLM pilot and co-pilot as if they knew them?
    – why not talk about PanAmpilot and co-pilot? According to regulations PanAm pilot was correct. Why did they ignore it?
    – why did investigators explain why they thought KLM crew thought PanAm was of runway, but do forget 2 messages? (confirmation PanAm co-pilot on call tower: report leaving runway … after 8 seconds … co-pilot: Clipper 1736, this is a confirmation … PanAm pilot still knew he was on runway of course).
    – why did investigators ignore way to go? C-4 taxiway C-5 runway?
    – why did investigators ignore PanAm pilot shouted NO?
    – why did investigators ignore communication PanAm crew after this NO?
    – why did investigators wrote in report pilot retook power after he heard “wait a minute”? Not correct, in fact he increased power of engine 3 and 4.

    These facts do show that dutch investigators wanted to blame everyone except themselves.
    – empty
    (reason: Spain asked US investigators to help them, dutch investigators had to work with what they did get from them. )

    Read reports and you know it was dirty business, Spanish report is missing vital information.
    – radio equipment tower, equipment planes is described
    – experiences controllers, experiences pilots is described
    – no explantion, why not take C-4, taxiway, C-5, runway
    etc etc

    Most interesting, the squeal, half-duplex communication, talk OR hear. But … controller did have transmitter AND receiver, he could talk AND hear. Why did he go on talking when he heart PanAm talking as well?

    Not explained at all in reports ….

    After OK he called PanAm with Papa Alpha (wrong call) report runway clear (wrong call, did he expect a yes?).

    Did controller panick? Why?

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