The Shining

Matt and Emily enjoy Adagio’s gemini tea, representing both the zodiac sign of when this episode was released and symbolic of the “twins” in this week’s topic, The Shining. They talk about Matt’s theories, the unsettling and disorienting nature of the film, pop culture touchstones, whether the moon landing was faked, ghosts, if the movie can be spoiled, the documentary Room 237, and more! They also briefly discuss Fortnite, how they listen to podcasts, mobile games, The Simpsons, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and introduce their new rating system: “cup of tea or not cup of tea.”

One thought on “The Shining

  1. I loved the discussion on the Shining, I’ve watched it a dozen times and I have NEVER noticed the discrepancies in the placement of furniture, rugs, or windows. That blew my mind, now I need to watch it again.

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